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Monday, November 7, 2011

Tomorrow, Tuesday November 8, 2011, is Election Day

It’s not often that you get your chance to have your say, really have the opportunity to voice your mind and thoughts.

You do get an optimum chance on Election Day more so than any other time of the year.

There is no body of government that can affect you as much and that you have as much effect on as your municipal government.

Your municipal leaders regulate your ordinances, set the local budget for the town and the schools, as well as maintain and manage the tax base of the town.

If you voted in the federal election in 2008 you were one voice in 169 million registered. (About 133 million showed up to cast a vote).

86 million democrat - 55 million republican - 28 million others registered.

Of those voters there were 132,645,504 total voters out of an eligible voting age population of 212,702,354, which gives you a 62.4% participation rate.

For the elections held at the state level here in Connecticut as of 2010 the total number of registered voters is a hair over 2 million.

The largest group of registered voters in Connecticut is unaffiliated, accounting for 831,962 voters. There are 743,580 registered Democrats and 413,854 registered Republicans.

So when 73 percent of the state voters turnout, your voice is one in 1.46 million.

You as the voter in Wallingford during a municipal election are one of about 25,000 registered. During our last municipal election only 35.6 percent of the registered voters turned out.

Your voice there is one of about 8,900.

Where do you think your voice is the loudest?

Where do you think your voice is best heard among all the noise?

Wallingford is your town – get informed, get involved and VOTE on Tuesday November 8th

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