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Monday, May 28, 2012

Wallingford: ashamed – my letter to the editor regarding the veterans and the Wallingford ShowMobile

As published in the Letters to the Editor section of the Record Journal on Sunday May 27, 2012


Editor: Regarding the recent issue with Mayor Dickinson’s decision to deny the use of the showmobile to the veterans, I came to the Wallingford Town Council meeting expecting this to be solely a cost issue where Dickinson didn’t want to expend additional funds. I came prepared to make that payment to the town as I received pledges of a donation as part of the effort to resolve this issue and get the veterans use of the equipment.

The end result, when I specifically asked the mayor: “if there is a way to remove the additional financial component of using the showmobile for the ceremony, can the vets get the permission to use it?” — was that Dickinson responded “no.” His reason was “he doesn’t believe using the showmobile as a reviewing stand is the proper use for the stage” — but why does that matter? If the vets want to use it, and it is going to otherwise sit in mothballs for the day unused, and we had people willing to make the donation to remove additional monetary burden from the town, then why not let them use it?

The veterans served this country, protected its freedoms, and preserved this way of life we have today. All they asked for extra this day was the use of the showmoblie that is otherwise going unused. At the time they served, they were asked to give their everything — and, if needed, their lives. “All gave some, some gave all,” but Wallingford will not lend them use of a portable stage, now that they are in their 70s, to have them be a little more comfortable on a day we are supposed to be paying thanks to them and remembering the fallen that never returned.

That is not my Wallingford — and I am ashamed.