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Sunday, May 12, 2013

Special Request regarding child exploitation / missing child investigation

This has nothing to do with Wallingford directly nor is the following political but this is my largest blog with the biggest following so I am posting it here and making a mass push.

I am also asking my readers and Facebook, Google+ and Twitter followers to push this far and wide via this link: 

I received an email this AM from the Wallingford Little League from a forward note from Daniel P. Kirby, Vice President, Risk Management, Little League International who was being asked for help regarding an ongoing investigation.

In the note it said it was from “Gregory D Squire, Special Agent Department of Homeland Security, Homeland Security Investigations”.

Being in the Information Technology field for over 15 years I have seen way too many of these types of emails, sent with the sole intent and as a hoax, just to see how much it will perpetuate.

However, I hate the idea of not helping, even remotely if I can so I did a BING search on Gregory D Squire and came up with the following Boston Globe story 

So then I decided to email the agent to see if there was any follow up and he responded within an hour:

Good Morning Jason,

Thanks for reaching out, yes this is an active investigation and we are thankful for your assistance. We are seeking the help of the public in CT, MA, ME, and RI. Any insight or information you may have can be sent directly to me.


Thanks again,


Gregory D Squire
Special Agent
Homeland Security Investigations
10 Causeway St, Suite 722
Boston, MA


So that’s good enough for me to want to help and push this near and far.

Please read the article; they are still searching for the boy and many other children like them.

The specific request in the current investigation is as follows (as forwarded from Daniel P. Kirby, Vice President, Risk Management, Little League International):

We have been contacted by the Department of Homeland Security requesting assistance in a child exploitation/missing child investigation that dates back to 2002.  Please review the information below from Special Agent Gregory Squire. It contains specific information pertaining to the investigation. The photograph included shows an area located in the home where the exploitation was/is taking place. 

One of the trophies, if you zoom in, has a red "faceplate" on the marble base. This was noted as unusual by the trophy industry folks we talked to and they thought it might be helpful as it was unique

If you recognize this photo or have any additional information, please contact Agent Squire at

If you have any relative knowledge of the above photo please contact Agent Squire at