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Thursday, August 2, 2012

Consider signing the Petition To Suspend the Early Release Program

The Early Release Program allows criminals who have committed violent crimes such as rape, arson, kidnapping, or sexual molestation of a child under 13 out of jail before their sentences are finished. 

The intention of the petition is to request to Governor Malloy that the program be suspended and order an investigation into how it is being administered and how it affects public safety. 

If you feel the same you may wish to sign the online petition.

Frankie Resto was one of the beneficiaries of the Early Release Program. Resto was imprisoned for armed robbery, but earned 199 days worth of “good behavior” credits under this policy. Resto was released early and has been accused of murdering a 70 year old convenience store owner in an attempted robbery of a Meriden EZ Mart in early June.