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Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Follow up from public hearing regarding the Title V permit for Covanta

On December 11 there was a public hearing about the Title V permit for Covanta.

The meeting was recorded and is playing on WPAA but it is also on demand at WPAA. Please go to the link and go to video on demand which is located on top of the screen. The video is on page two.

The full video is a little over two hours so some of the important issues discussed were:

1.The entire plant is NOT tested every year but on a rotational basis so each stack is tested once every three years.

2. Positive burn and fires which happen are fires where the emissions leave the plant before they are scrubbed so unknown pollutants are affecting the area.

3. There have been no water tests of Dioxin in approximately twenty years. This means our public drinking water and waterways such as Wharton Brook State Park which people fish and swim in have not been tested for Dioxins.

There is a public comment period until December 30 2013.
I would hope that you would watch the video and share your concerns with EPA and DEEP. Lakiesha Christopher (Connecticut DEEP) is the contact below is her e-mail address.


  1. Thanks for sharing that WPAA-TV is cablecasting citizen produced segments on this topic through the comment period. To determine play times search Covanta on web home page . To get the same content on demand go to the Video On Demand page and search Covanta or select the category Energy. Content includes the gavel to gavel coverage of hearing (2 hrs), presentation by Covanta only (1/2 hr) and selections on Odor (6 min) and testing (17 minutes). Testing segment is best quick it.

  2. Public comments were due by the end of business Friday the 20th. Youre also wrong on point 1. Two of the stacks are tested on a rotation as Stack 2 is now tested annually on its own after the failure was repaired.

    1. Thanks Jim - do you have a URL or something we can use for a correction?

      The information I have listed above is from a third party follow up; if it's not correct I'd like to fix it and site the correct source.


  3. The presentation video goes into detail and I believe the beginning of the testing clip is clear on point #1 as well. The comment period was extended to the 30th.