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Sunday, December 29, 2013

With all of the thank you letters formally mailed out, I wanted to also post my thanks online for the end of 2013


December 29, 2013

With the election over and the holiday season coming to a close, I wanted to take this time to thank you so kindly for your support of my campaign for Mayor of Wallingford which culminated last month.

While it is unfortunate that the goal of winning the election was not reached, it does not diminish the hard work and support that I received from you during the campaign. We accomplished things this past year that haven’t been done in the past 20 years – this cannot be underscored enough. It was a campaign for “the record books” and I am humbled and honored that you were a part of it with me.

I still fully believe that Wallingford’s best days are ahead of us; they will simply develop differently than the vision we all shared.
I have the honor to have served as a Wallingford Town Councilor for this past two year term and with my final meeting now past I leave those duties and tasks to those nine that were chosen by the electorate on Election Day. They will have the direct charge of fighting for a better Wallingford and they will be responsible to figure out the ways to make the changes that are needed to make our town an even better place to live, work, and play, to make it an even better place to raise a family, start and grow a business, and retire.

All of us that are concerned with this as well, as voters, residents, and taxpayers, MUST be present to keep them on OUR task of delivering that future.

While I may be out of office there are still many things to be done. I do not need a chair “up there” to bring these things to fruition; it would be easier but it can still be done. I will spend some time thinking outside the box on how to do just that. I hope that as those times come you can once again support those efforts, in whatever fashion they are, to help move Wallingford forward.

Once again, I am humbled by the help, support, and encouragement that I received; it was an experience that I will never forget.

With deepest gratitude,
Jason Zandri

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