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Saturday, May 14, 2011

WALLINGFORD FIREWORKS FUND - 2011 fundraising campaign total $16,035.72 (As of May 14, 2011)

So the totals are in for this weekend and we picked up an additional $1,150.00 (and the loose change still needs to be counted).

This brings our real total (cash on hand) to $16,035.72.

We now need only to raise $25,000.00 in total funds for the cost of the town services (police, fire, public works, etc.), our bills due, and the cost of the fireworks themselves.

We have a new low bid in for our customized fireworks show at $13,500.00 which is further discounted to $12,000.00 as the vendor in their proposal is offering us that additional discount as a Platinum Sponsor of the event. I assume the town will go with this vendor but I do need to speak with the Mayor on this first. I am hoping to get a meeting with him for this Friday; I’ve taken a vacation day from work to fundraise and I’ll get over to town hall if I can book time on his schedule.

So before our additional costs / bills (e.g. advertising in the news paper for the fundraisers) we need to get to $24,000.00 in order to donate that to Wallingford so the show will go on.

That is the cost of the fireworks at $12,000.00 and the costs of the town services (as we have them):

Police Overtime $7,747.00
Fire Department / Overtime $1,900.00
Port-o-lets $990.00
Fire Marshall $850.00
Public Works $325.00

We also have a pledge for a $1,000.00 donation that I am waiting on from one local business as well as an additional $900.00 due from Microsoft Corporation.

That puts our effective total at $17,935.00.

Yes, we still have to raise and additional $1,000.00 to pay our bills and the additional pledges listed above are not yet collected.

Call me an optimist but I’ll count them into our effective totals.

That means at this moment we still need an additional $6,065.00 between now and the end of May.

We can do this; Wallingford CAN do this. 17 more days IS enough time.

Let’s roll.

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