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Sunday, May 1, 2011

WALLINGFORD FIREWORKS FUND – possibly collecting today (Sunday May 1) at Stop and Shop

After 11:30 I am going to head over to Stop and Shop to see about getting set up to collect donations. We’ve gotten permission to collect there if the groups that have reserved the space do not show up. (We’re hoping for that today). Otherwise there’s nowhere for us to set up today.

If we can set up I am figuring to be there to 5PM (again, if we can get set up and if we can stay).

I’ll have a little money collected from yesterday and a few checks that have come in so I will have new totals to publish tonight.

I’ll be sure to follow up – thanks everyone for the support over these final 30 day. (The Mayor needs the funds in to commit the town by the end of the month so it is do or die time for 2011).

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