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Friday, May 27, 2011

WALLINGFORD FIREWORKS FUND – New Life Church makes their $2,500.00 donation; collections continue as we are $600.00 short our goal


Craig and I stopped by New Life Church this morning at 10:30 to meet with Will Marotti Senior/Founding Pastor who was happy to hear that we had crossed the matching grant level.

When we arrived he already had the check ready for us saying “we knew folks would come forward to help get you over the grant threshold where we were able to donate.”

With that grant given and the money from this morning in we are sitting at about $600.00 short of our goal to get the check cut and over to the Mayor for the 5PM deadline.

The mail has yet to arrive with possible donations and I am going to see about standing at Stop and Shop to collect so we still have time to get the funds to the town.

Fireworks Show



Police Overtime



Fire Department / Overtime






Fire Marshall



Public Works



Board of Education







$600.00 in six hours? Piece of cake Wallingford, we know we can do this.

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