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Monday, May 23, 2011

WALLINGFORD FIREWORKS FUND – The deadline hammer is falling…

I’ve had my conversation with the Mayor; the money is due on Friday May 27th – end of story. I made the case for a couple more weeks but I was unable to convince him to change his mind on the matter.

So from there we more forward, about $5,900.00 short as of today.

I have two pledges outstanding at $900.00 so that means, technically, we are $5,000.00 short IF (BIG “IF”) the pledges come in.

I have to work all week in New York City so I am effectively unavailable but I am putting every moment of time I can spare to the effort. (I am writing this post to Wallingford Politico from the train on my ride home. It’ll be cross posted to my other blogs on Tuesday). I do have Friday off and my Dad is collecting as much as he can at Dunkin Donuts this week. I am going to try to see if I can stand at Stop and Shop on Friday (it will depend if I can get permission and if no one else has the time booked).

The bottom line at this point is that it is highly unlikely that we can collect everything we need from individual donors by the deadline.

We will continue to do so anyway; I am working on something that may get us a bridge for a couple of additional weeks beyond the Mayor’s deadline. That would allow us to both get the money in to the town on time AND to continue collecting for the next two or three weekends into June.

In the meantime it is always possible that one of the larger businesses I solicited might come through for us.

A lot can happen in four days and I am driving full bore to the finish.

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