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Sunday, April 10, 2011

Could the Wallingford Fireworks celebration be the next Pepsi Refresh Project idea? It’s possible.

I submitted our cause to the project; here is the response I received:

Congratulations! Your Pepsi Refresh Project idea fund the 2011 Wallingford Fireworks Celebration has been randomly selected for review out of all the submissions we received this month.

You’re one step closer to getting your idea out there! But before your idea can be posted for public voting, we need to review it to make sure it meets the Pepsi Refresh Project’s Official Application Guidelines. If it doesn’t meet all requirements, it won’t be posted.

On the first day of next month, we’ll let you know if your idea has been approved and will be up for voting. After that, you would begin promoting your idea for a chance to receive a $50,000 Pepsi Refresh Project Grant!

Thanks for participating in the Pepsi Refresh Project. Keep at it! It’s because of you, your votes and your participation that we’ve made a difference in refreshing the world.

Any questions? Please consult the FAQ's (Frequently Asked Questions).


The Pepsi Refresh Project


From here, anything is still possible so stay tuned!

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