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Friday, February 25, 2011

FROM CITIZEN MIKE - BULLETIN: The Court has ruled against the Mayor on the American Legion building

We have a new message from Citizen Mike regarding his upcoming broadcast as well as an update on a ruling on the American Legion building issue.


The Citizen Mike Show is on the air at 9 p.m. Watch Comcast channel 18 or Uverse 99 for WPAA. Also, check out the video on demand feature on the station's website, so you can see shows you missed.

(From Jason - It is cross posted here from the
WPAA VideoAlive page. )


Rosa Delauro is a guest at the end of the current show and we talk about the state budget with State Rep Vince Candelora (R) at the beginning. In the middle of the show, we talk about the Housing Authority and the Town Council's vote on some labor contracts

BULLETIN: The Court ruled against the Mayor on the American Legion building issue. I was at the trial and I was called to testify as to the efforts or lack thereof to deal with the building, and the actions/inaction & votes etc. of the Town Council while I was on the Council.

The ruling did not come as a surprise as the Mayor and his witnesses demonstrated to the judge an arrogant disregard of the law rather than a good faith attempt to comply with it. Thus, the judge ruled that the Town had not shown that demolition was the only reasonable alternative for the building. Had the Town shown some good faith efforts to do something other than demolish the building, the Town would have won. The judge rejected all the legal arguments the mayor had.

Now, there is a court order preventing the town from demolishing the building, and there seems to be three choices for the building:
(1) sell it;
(2) let the building decay until it falls down or burns down; or,
(3) the town finds some use for it.

The mayor has pledged not to go with choice #3. The Council makes the decision on choice #1.

If the mayor is feisty enough, he will encourage a futile appeal.

Citizen Mike

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