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Wednesday, April 7, 2010


Town Council Chambers 6:30 P.M

April 13, 2010 - AGENDA

Opening Prayer – Reverend Margaret Jay, First Congregational Church

1. Pledge of Allegiance

2. Roll Call

3. Consent Agenda

3a. Consider and Approve Tax Refunds (#670 - #707) totaling $10,763.63 Acct. # 001-1000-010-1170 - Tax Collector

3b. Reappointment of Robert Beaumont to the Historic Properties Commission as a regular member for a term expiring March 27, 2015 – Chairman Robert F. Parisi

3c. Accept a Donation from Operation Fuel and Approve an Appropriation in the Amount of $260 Youth and Social Services Special Fund to Donations Acct # 213-1042-070-7010 and to Expenditures Acct # 213-3070-600-6000 – Youth and Social Services

3d. Consider and Approve a Fair Housing Resolution - Mayor

3e. Consider and Approve a Resolution to Contract with the Connecticut Association of Directors of Health, Fiduciary for the Connecticut Department of Public Health, Lead Poisoning Prevention Program, for available funds of $2,797 and any amended amounts to conduct educational outreach and awareness to prevent lead poisoning – Health Department

3f. Acceptance of Grant and Appropriation of $2,797 for Lead Poisoning Prevention to Revenue Acct # 224-1040-050-5000 to Expenditure Acct # 224-3010-605-6000 - Health Department

3g. Consider and Approve an Appropriation for Town Aid Road Grant in the Amount of $70,373 to State Grant Revenue Acct # 229-1040-050-5001-00 and to Expenditures FY 2009-10 Acct # 229-5015-611-6501-00 –Public Works

3h. Consider and Approve a Transfer in the Amount of $1,250 to Computer Acct # 001-5015-999-9112 from Purchase Professional Services-Boom Truck Testing Acct # 001-5015-901-9027– Public Works

3i. Consider and Approve a Transfer in the Amount of $225 to Regular Salaries & Wages Acct # 001-7040-101-1000 from Continuing Education & Training $125 Acct # 001-7040-501-5700 and from Office Expenses & Supplies $100 Acct # 001-7040-401-4000 – Environmental Planner

3j. Approve Minutes of Regular Town Council Meeting of March 23, 2010

4. Items Removed from the Consent Agenda


6. Consider and Approve a Transfer in the Amount of $12,000 to Unemployment Insurance Acct # 001-1602-600-8290 from Retirement-Sick Leave Acct # 001-1602-101-1750 - Personnel

7. Consider and Approve a job description for the position of General Line Foreman in the Electric Division - Personnel

8. Acceptance of Grants awarded to the Board of Education as follows:

Title IV

IDEA- Part B

Pre-School Handicapped

Summer School


Formation of Adult Medical Entrepreneurs (FAME)

- Board of Education

9. Consider and Approve Farm Land Lease Program as presented – Environmental Planner

10. Executive Session pursuant to §1-200 (6)(D) of the Connecticut General Statutes with respect to the purchase, sale and/or leasing of property – Mayor

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