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Sunday, December 13, 2009

Final Date for SullivanOneOnOne Blog

Hello everyone.

I wanted to let all the followers of the SullivanOneOnOne Blog know that the lights will go out effective Friday December 18th.

It's been a great run the past three years the majority of which was delivered by John Sullivan personally and in the recent months since the June timeframe by myself.

John and I have had a couple of discussions on the possible direction of the blog since he won his seat on the council and it just wasn’t going to be possible for him to pick the effort back up and be able to balance work, family life, and his new role as Town Councilor for Wallingford.

That decision ends this effort here.

Wanting there to still be a place for an open discussion and vetting of issues centric to the operation and support of the political process in Wallingford I opted to create another blog – Wallingford Politico -which has been up and running for the past couple of months.

I hope you will join me there as you have here and we can keep the discussions productive and lively going into the next year and potentially decade regarding our town.

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