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Monday, June 3, 2013

VIDEO – Segment of the June 12, 2012 Town Council Meeting regarding the new Wallingford railroad station

With all the discussion recently regarding the location choice for the new Wallingford railroad station as part of the state Department of Transportation’s $650 million New Haven-Hartford-Springfield commuter rail project I wanted to post that segment of the June 12, 2012 meeting.

That agenda item (number 11 for that night) Discussion and Possible Action to Adopt the endorsement of the Town’s recommendation for a new rail station location – Engineering was discussed for about an hour and ten minutes or so and the entire segment is below.

I was not in attendance for that meeting (I was away for a technical conference for work that week and it was the first of two absences I have had on the Council in total since my term began in 2012; the other was for a vacation with my kids).

It’s a long segment to watch but given the desire to get all of the information on the subject from that meeting it is a “must see” as it ties into the
most recent Council meeting (as written up and reported by the Record Journal).

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