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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Thank you

Jason SCOW America shirtI wanted to thank everyone who came out to vote yesterday, first and foremost. Whether you supported me or not, you decided it was important enough to invest the time to come out and be part of the process.

And it is very important.

Beyond that, I want to thank everyone who offered their encouragement, support and who gave me their vote.

Those votes I received, unofficially 5,542 in all, landed me in the #2 spot within my party, just 29 votes behind #1 John Sullivan and and 5th overall.

Those votes were based entirely on faith and goodwill as I have no formal prior record of service to the Town of Wallingford.

Now that the campaigning is over, I will spend the next few weeks prior to being sworn in further preparing to take office and serve the town and all her people to the best of my ability – just as I had promised prior as part of my campaign.

My first pledge now formally as a Wallingford Town Councilor (elect) will be to work hard enough to earn each of those votes I received this past November 8th.

Thank you again.

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