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Sunday, November 20, 2011

Letter to the Editor of the Record Journal by Michael Gagne

The following is a letter to the editor, published on Thursday November 17, 2011 as written by Michael Gagne

Editor: In my travels in Wallingford the other day, I noticed a huge sign in front of the former library building currently owned by Fred Ulbrich. This sign urged voters to vote “no” on overturning the parking deal — a deal which I believe would financially benefit Ulbrich. The last time there was a referendum in town, it concerned the Wooding-Caplan deal. At that time there was also a sign posted on that site.

The sign was opposed to the mayor’s position on the deal. At that time, public works employees were sent there to take down that sign as it was erected on town property.

This time, Ulbrich’s sign was untouched and unquestioned. The only difference this time was that the sign was in support of the mayor’s position. It seems that there is a different set of standards, and you can ignore the town ordinances if you agree with the powers that be.


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