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Friday, July 1, 2011

Wallingford Fireworks Celebration – Saturday July 2, 2011 after 9PM on Hope Hill Road


Looks like we’ve lucked out on the weather again this year. What was looking a little shaky earlier in the week on the long range forecast has now turned out about as perfect as we could have hoped for.

The Wallingford Fireworks celebration takes place this year after 9PM on Hope Hill Road. The best view is from the Highland Elementary and Sheehan High School lawns.

Parking is available at both of the schools as well as over at Moran Middle School. After that, there is parking on public streets unless otherwise posted.

Please remember as well to take care as you park in the neighborhoods around the schools and walk over to the school grounds. The neighbors there, especially the ones that are indifferent to the show, have to put up with a lot of cars, people and inconvenience for that night.

Please be mindful of all of this as you are a guest in their neighborhood. Take care as you would in your own neighborhood and take away with you anything you brought to the show.

We will take up a collection for the 2012 event on the grounds before the show starts and on the way out after the show ends; if you can support us early for 2012 please consider donating a few dollars.

Thank you again for all the support and we’ll see you at the show!


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