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Sunday, April 17, 2011

Wallingford Fireworks Fund totals as of April 16–$12,912.27

So there’s some good news / bad news / good news to be said here.

So the first good news piece here is that this time last year we didn’t have a dime towards the cause and already this year (because we started 45 days ago) we have nearly $13,000.00.

The bad news is that at this pace, we are going to reach the deadline of the end of May and be short by nearly $6,000.00. We also have some advertising costs to consider for the next fundraiser that will generate about $1,000.00 more in expenditures that we’re going to have to cover.

The other piece of good news is that we still have the WALLINGFORD FIREWORKS FUND CONCERT NIGHT fundraiser scheduled for May 6th and that should help us some of the way towards closing this gap. How much remains to be seen but I am hopeful it could pull us very close like the fundraiser dinner did last year.

The one nice thing about clearing $12,000.00 is that we now have all the money the town needs to pay for all of the town services. Every dime collected from this point forward goes towards paying for the fireworks cost themselves.


I plan to continue to collect every spare moment I get until I get everything we need or until I run out of time.

I’ll see you around town over the next 45 days.

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