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Sunday, January 23, 2011

The rumors are true – I am running for Town Council in November

I have had a number of people approach me about this over the past couple of weeks as the topic of who will be running for Town Council has been brought up at various meetings and at some public events.

Despite having the responsibility of getting to work daily in New York City (and I’ll tell you – with the snow storms recently that IS a challenge), balancing my home life with my family and some of the other projects I am working on, I have approached the Wallingford Democrat Town Committee and the chairman regarding my desire to run for Town Council this November.

The committee has to still decide who that are going to nominate – there are three councilors present that I expect will be seeking the committee’s nomination and there are others that are still coming forward with their interest in running for Town Council and Board of Education but I did send along my letter of intent to seek the domination of the committee. (I am the district leader of District 4).

With that being said, I want to clarify a couple of points way in advance of any rhetoric that might rear its ugly head.

As far as my efforts go with the Wallingford Fireworks Fund and anything that happens to get spun up with regard to action on a playscape for Kendrick Park – those things are totally separate and non-political at least as far as I am concerned and I intend to keep it that way. In fact, it is my intention to not begin any real campaigning of any type until AFTER July 4th so that should at least address the Wallingford Fireworks Fund part of the equation.

If that should become political (and I am not necessarily expecting it to but you never know) it would be from any opponents bringing it up and not me – I am saying that here and now.

As far as Kendrick Park goes, as I had stated in prior discussions and newspaper articles “ “I know the ropes to help somebody, but I can’t lead it,” Zandri said.”

I have a number of issues I am going to be running on as part of my campaign platform but as I mentioned above, it is my intention to not begin any campaigning of any type until AFTER July 4th so I do plan to wait until after that date to list them or discuss them in any detail.

The sole purpose with communicating even this much information now is because the details are “leaking” and the nominations will probably occur sometime in March or April and the news will be out at that time anyway.

I also expect that upon receiving a nomination from the party that I would no longer be able to write my semi-monthly FROM WALLINGFORD column in the Record Journal so this also serves as a notice of sorts for that as well. I know many people enjoy reading my contributions to the paper there but if everything falls into place I would be expecting to have to let that go as well.

I’ll always be on the blog so you can read my input here and on Facebook as well.

As I make my comments to all of “it’s your town; get informed and get involved” I mean that in as many ways as possible and I practice what I preach.

I’ve done as much as I can with the free time I have and from my current position as “resident of Wallingford.”

If the voters will have me as such come November, I will continue those efforts and more by taking it up a notch as “Town Councilor”.

In the meantime, I will see you around town and on the Internet.

Thank you everyone for the encouragement and support.

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