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Sunday, December 5, 2010

Citizen Mike Returns – Episode 6 – Recent Arbitration story

The Citizen Mike Show is on each night at 9PM except Sundays on Comcast channel 18 and on U-Verse channel 99.


Episode 6 is now available on demand. I have it cross posted here and it is available on the WPAA VideoAlive page on demand.

The episode covers, in layman’s terms, the recent arbitration award that has handed down regarding Local 1326 of the International Association of Fire Fighters and Local 1183 of AFSCME and the process by which all of this was handled.

It is a MUST watch for anyone that would like more information on all of the details on how we have arrived to where we are today and the simple way that this award can easily be paid for and handled within the current budget and without raising any immediate taxes.

As far as the future award for next year and years going forward – that will require planning and forethought and we as a town should get started on that now while we are still a year and a half out.

Again – I HIGHLY recommend the Citizen Mike Show as “must see TV”

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