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Saturday, April 17, 2010

Follow up - asking for permission to approach several of the town unions

So from the story that was printed in the Record Journal this morning (Saturday April 17) where I had indicated to Dave Moran that I was going to ask for permission to approach several of the town unions regarding reducing hours and / or their time (effectively asking them if they would be willing to donate their time) I had a good conversation with the Chief Dortenzio regarding the subject late in the day on Friday.

It would seem this is something that is not permissible even for a regular citizen to do as it does not comply with wage and labor laws even if some or all of the union members would be willing to do it.

Having said that I cannot approach them to even ask because it is not permitted by law.

I will probably ask if the unions proper if they would be interested in taking a vote to make a donation to the event but that is the most that is allowed under the law.

It may seem unfortunate to some extent that the law is that way as it could have been one way to reduce the cost and relieve some of the fundraising burden, but that law is there to protect the workers as much as the employer (the Town) where it comes down to fairness, workman’s compensation, insurance and so forth.

I am good with the explanation and the discussion and appreciate the Chief’s time.

Steady as she goes…

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