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Saturday, January 9, 2010

Wallingford Public School Budget and the proposed changes – the ongoing story

I am sure everyone with a kid in the Wallingford School system is (or should be) tuned into what is going on with respect to the Wallingford Public School Budget and the proposed changes being presented for consideration.

There are meetings that started today Saturday the 9th of January and will carry on over the remainder of the month with a culmination with a meeting with the Town Council.

I have a list of recent articles published at the Record Journal on my other blog “From the Mind of Jason Zandri

I have the current budget and I will work to get this scanned and online.

If you cannot attend all the meetings they will be on public access to view at a later time and I am working to get the recorded DVDs of the meetings to get them posted online.

Your input here as part of this process, whether you are “just” a resident taxpayer or have a child or children in the school system, is critically important.

Your elected officials are here to represent you; only you can make sure they do that.

If you do not offer your constructive input to them they can only take action on the best of their own ability.

It’s your town – get informed, get involved.

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