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Sunday, January 24, 2010

MY TAKE on testimonial dinner for Mayor Dickinson; next week’s FROM WALLINGFORD

So I have posted the article from the Record Journal written by Dave Moran; the post is Statute a sticking point for Dickinson dinner

I have a POLL question up this week regarding the same here on the blog. Please consider weighing in.

Additionally, I have the actual statue - Sec. 9-609. (Formerly Sec. 9-333k). Party committees; designation as campaign treasurer. Limitation on multiple committees. Fund-raising events and testimonial affairs – posted from on the blog as well at Supporters of Mayor Dickinson are having a testimonial for him – is this in violation of Connecticut General Statutes?

I am planning to do my next FROM WALLINGFORD article on this topic as well.

Somewhere between the desire for the supporters to have a celebratory event for the Mayor, the statute itself and its interpretation, what is legally binding (or not), and political bravado, there are three simple sayings that keep going through my head:


“The road to hell is paved with good intentions”

“No one is above the law”

“No good deed goes unpunished”


Be sure to check out FROM WALLINGFORD next Sunday.


  1. Just a suggestion, before you complete your Sunday article you may want to have all of the facts surrounding the organizing of the dinner. Once you have them, you then may want to contact the State Elections Commission (or whatever it is properly called)to discuss. Don't be surprised if you get an opinion from one of its attorneys that differs from Mr. Avallone's, I did.

  2. That is a good point to consider.

    The fact is my article is neutral to the point of what the event actually is.

    I actually don't need a ruling either way to make the article work.

    I appreciate that you took the time to provide your thoughts.